Call for Papers, ECPR Rome June 2022

Thinking of presenting an EU health governance paper at the ECPR Standing Group on European Union conference in June 2022? Join us! EUHealthGov will be submitting a pre-formed panel(s) to the conference, and can offer subsidised participation for one network member. Full details for the call can be found below.

The EUHealthGov network invites submission of abstracts on the theme of Health Governance in the European Union, to join a pre-formed panel at the upcoming ECPR Standing Group on European Union (SGEU) conference. 

The conference will take place in person at LUISS University, Rome, between 8 and 10 June 2022. 

Submission may explore all areas of EU health law and policy, including but not limited to:

  • The EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent changes to the health governance framework (European Health Union, proposals for a strengthened health security framework, etc.)
  • Public health, health determinants and health inequalities in and across member states
  • The role of European actors – the Commission, the Parliament, the agencies, WHO Europe etc. – in health and health governance
  • The impact of the single market upon health systems, for example via competition law, pharmaceutical regulation, migration of health professionals, trade…
  • The inclusion of health in broader governance frameworks such as the European Semester, the Pillar of Social Rights, the European Green Deal…

As part of our UACES research network on EU Health Governance, we are delighted to offer subsidised participation at the conference. This subsidy (for use to fund travel and/or accommodation) will provide a maximum of £200 to support an EUHealthGov network member to attend the conference. To apply for the subsidy, be sure that you are signed up to the EUHealthGov mailing list, and indicate your interest in being subsidised when submitting your abstract. Subsidised panellists will be asked to write a short blog (200 words) about their paper/presentation for the EUHealthGov website. 

We welcome papers from all disciplines, including law, public policy, sociology, economics, public health, global health etc., pertaining to any dimension of EU health governance. If you are planning to submit a paper on a topic related to the above, and are interested in doing so as part of a pre-formed panel, please contact by Sunday 5 December 2021. We will select from these and confirm inclusion by Wednesday 8 December, so that any unsuccessful submissions can be sent to the general call ahead of the 15 December deadline. For inclusion please send:

  • Paper title and abstract of no more than 300 words
  • 3-8 keywords from the ECPR list (see options here)
  • Full name, email address and institution/organisation of all authors
  • Indication of interest in the EUHealthGov conference subsidy