In Conversation with Prof Meri Koivusalo – Trade and health: when actions do not match aspirations

The EUHealthGov network is delighted to announce the next event in its seminar series. On Thursday 7 October at 14:00 (BST) we welcome Prof Meri Koivusalo (Tampere University, Finland). Meri will join EUHealthGov’s Dr Charlotte Godziewski for a conversation about the public health implications of European Union trade agreements. 

Meri Koivusalo is a professor of global health at Tampere University with a background in medicine, public health, and health policy. She has engaged with research on health in other policies and, especially, the health and trade interface in the EU. She will discuss why the EU needs to fundamentally change how it addresses trade and health-related concerns, if it wishes to become the Europe it imagines to be.

EUHealthGov is a research network, funded by the University Association for Contemporary Studies (UACES), focused on the governance of health in the European Union. This event is part of its quarterly online seminar series, which provides a forum for discussion of a range of EU health governance topics, presented in roundtables, in-conversation sessions, work-in-progress seminars, practitioner perspectives and other formats.

The event will last 60 minutes, including a Q&A session. It will take place on Teams (webinar). Attendance is free but participants must register by clicking this link.